Third Series

The Chinese Zodiac Commemorative Coin Set for the Ding You Year of the Rooster
Version: 2017
Date of Issuance: January 12, 2017
Denomination: Silver coin: NT$100 / Copper-alloy Coin: NT$10
Composition: Silver coin: 99.9% silver
Copper-alloy Coin: Nickel-brass
Weight (g): Silver coin: 31.135 (containing one ounce of silver) / Copper-alloy Coin: 25
Diameter (mm): Silver coin: 38 / Copper-alloy Coin: 38
Obverse - Silver coin: A rooster and a hen / Copper-alloy coin: A rooster
Reverse - Silver coin: Sky lanterns / Copper-alloy coin: Plum blossoms
Description: The obverse of the silver coin shows the gold-plated image of a rooster and a hen, the reverse features an image of the most popular cultural practice of releasing sky lanterns (tian deng) in Taiwan. The image on the obverse of the copper-alloy coin is the rooster , while the image of plum blossoms, the national flower of the Republic of China (Taiwan), on the reverse is pad printed in red and pink.
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