Major National Ceremonies

The Republic of China Centenary Commemorative Silver Coin
Date of Issuance: October 6, 2011
Denomination: NT$100
Composition: 99.9% silver
Weight (g): 31.135 (containing one ounce of silver)
Diameter (mm): 38
Obverse - Portrait of Dr. Sun Yat-sen
Reverse - Two latent Chinese phrases meaning “the country is prosperous and at peace” and “the people live in safety and happiness”. Two latent images: "Taiwan" and "Plum blossom"
The commemorative coin was issued to mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of China. Turning the coin slightly to the left or right causes the two different sets of latent texts and figures to appear alternately.
放大檢視 環物瀏覽
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