Commemorative Banknotes

Polymer Banknote in Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Issuance of the New Taiwan Dollar (Proof Edition)
Date of Issuance: June 15, 1999
Place of Issuance: Taiwan
Denomination: NT$50
Dimensions (mm): 166X72
Style: Horizontal
Main Color: Red/Red
Material: Polymer
Obverse - The earliest series of NT$1 note and Hua Series III NT$100 note
Reverse - Main building of the Central Bank and traditional Chinese ornaments
The New Taiwan dollar was first issued on June 15, 1949 and celebrated its 50th anniversary on June 15, 1999. A commemorative banknote was issued to symbolize the importance of the currency in its contribution to Taiwan’s economic development. The obverse shows symbols of the history of the currency: the earliest NT$1 note and a Hua Series III NT$100 note. There are also images reflecting the country’s economic, transportation, and technological development. The reverse shows the Central Bank and traditional Chinese ornaments.
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