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Copyright Notice

Please read carefully the following notice, which describes permitted use of authorized content published on the Virtual Money Museum website, in accordance with intellectual property rights. If you have any comments or questions, please contact us. Thank you for your interest.

  1. In browsing or using this website, the user is deemed to fully understand and accept the regulations of this notice, related R.O.C. laws, and all international internet regulations and normal practices. This website is not to be used for any illegal purpose.
  2. With the exception of areas to which the “Copyright Act” does not apply (e.g. laws, orders, administrative drafts, press releases, etc.- see article 9 of the “Copyright Act”), all content published on this website is protected under copyright, including written texts, photographs, pictures, audio recordings, moving images, and other content.
  3. Anyone may freely use any content not protected by the “Copyright Act” (as above).
  4. This website and the content of the collection are protected under copyright. Beyond fair use, users must first obtain consent or authorisation from the copyright holder. Please contact us in advance if you need to use this content.
  5. “Fair use” is explained as follows:
    • The Central Bank is deemed to be the author of all content published under its name on this website.  Content may be reproduced, broadcast, or transmitted within the limits of “fair use”. The source of the materials should be indicated at the time of use.
    • Information provided on this website may only be reproduced for personal or private use. Commercial use is prohibited.
    • Website content may be cited for use in reports, commentaries, education, research, and other legitimate purposes, providing the source is indicated.
    • For more on fair use, please refer to articles 44 to 65.of the “Copyright Act”.
  6. It is not permitted to remove or alter electronic rights management information from this website except where, in accordance with article 80 of the “Copyright Act”, either it is unavoidable in the lawful exploitation of the content, or removal or alteration is technically necessary for the purpose of recording or transmission system changes.
  7. This website contains hyperlinks to external websites. Copyright to these websites remains with their authors or legitimate copyright holders.
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