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Launch of the Virtual Money Museum

The Central Bank officially launched the Virtual Money Museum. Welcome to visit the website at http://museum.cbc.gov.tw.

1. Content
(1) Historical development of notes and coins; anecdotes.
(2) Notes and coins in recent R.O.C. history, in particular their development in Taiwan, with images of notes and coins from all eras.
(3) The life cycle of the New Taiwan dollar notes and coins: a numismatic movie available to the public and showing the whole process—from design, printing/minting and issuance, to withdrawal and destruction.
(4) Multimedia presentation of security features with advice on proper verification methods.
(5) Newly established digital database of national banknotes and coins, open to the public.

2. Special Features
(1) Unlike physical museums, the Virtual Money Museum is accessible on internet 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.
(2) The Museum provides various contents, including a regular version, a children’s version and a virtual exhibition, to suit everyone’s viewing needs.
(3) The children’s version uses lively animation to encourage children to explore and learn.
(4) The Virtual Money Museum is modelled on physical museums insofar as it will hold a permanent exhibition of the history of the R.O.C. coins and banknotes. Special themed exhibitions will also be mounted.
(5) The digital database collects information on the notes and coins issued by the Central Bank over the years. Users can easily find the information on the collection through the online search system.
(6) Texts and illustrations are used to tell the story of notes and coins in a lively multimedia format that integrates audio-visual activities and interactive games. It’s fun and educational.

3. Plans for Future Development
(1) In addition to continuing to enrich the contents of the Virtual Money Museum, we will launch English and mobile versions of the website.
(2) We will make innovative use of our collections and hold regular themed exhibitions online.
(3) We will cooperate with educational institutions and integrate our website contents to their learning materials to help promote the online museum and facilitate the public’s understanding of banknotes and coins.

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