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The Issuance of the Chinese Zodiac Commemorative Coin Set

The Central Bank will issue a coin set for the Ding You Year of the Rooster, the first set of the third series of the Chinese Zodiac Commemorative Coin Set, on January 12, 2017. Each set consists of one silver coin weighing an ounce with a face value of NT$100, as well as one copper-alloy coin with a face value of NT$10.

The Bank has delegated the Bank of Taiwan to sell the coin sets to the public on a first-come, first-served basis, limited to one set per purchaser at a time. A total of 120,000 coin sets will be issued. Each coin set costs NT$1,800.

The obverse of the silver coin shows the gold-plated image of a rooster and a hen, the reverse features an image of the most popular cultural practice of releasing sky lanterns (tian deng) in Taiwan. The image on the obverse of the copper-alloy coin is the rooster, while the image of plum blossoms, the national flower of the Republic of China (Taiwan), on the reverse is pad printed in red and pink.

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