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The Issuance of the Commemorative Coin Set for the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Goat

The Central Bank will issue a commemorative coin set for 2015, the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Goat, on January 22, 2015. Each set consists of one silver coin weighing an ounce as well as two proof coins in different denominations. The silver coin has a face value of NT$100, and the two proof coins NT$50 and NT$20, respectively.

The Bank has delegated the Bank of Taiwan to sell the coin sets to the public on a first-come, first-served basis, limited to one set per purchaser at a time. A total of 120,000 coin sets will be issued. Each coin set costs NT$1,600.

The obverse of the silver coin shows the image of three goats standing on grass. The reverse features an image of the Qiu Liang-gong's Mother Chastity Arch, located in Kinmen County, Taiwan. Built in 1812 A.D., the 17th year of the Jiaqing Emperor of Qing Dynasty, it is the largest and the best preserved arch in the country. The site is classified by the government as a Grade I National Monument.

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