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Banknotes in Circulation

In order to prevent counterfeiting, the Central Engraving and Printing Plant and the Central Mint, respectively, have developed new international-standard security features for banknotes and coins. In addition to proactive education about how to identify counterfeits, the Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan) has requested all financial institutions to intercept counterfeit money in accordance with the “Regulations on the Handling of Counterfeit, Altered and Imitation New Taiwan Dollar Notes and Coins by Financial Institutions”. The Central Bank has also established a database of counterfeit money for law enforcement officers to refer to during their investigations. All these efforts are aimed at protecting the rights of the public and the currency’s credibility.

The security features used in current New Taiwan dollar banknotes include intaglio printing, watermarks, optical variable ink, window threads, latent texts, optical variable device (OVD) foil, and metallic ink. The Central Bank also offers simple advice, Look-Feel-Tilt, to help the public detect counterfeit money. Coins integrate security features such as latent image, tactile marks for the visually impaired, and edged lettering. All these features can be observed by the sighted, felt by the visually impaired, and read by machines.

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